Art Director: Mark Suan
Director: Chris Rey Basalo
DOP: Ash Tailor Jones Photographer: Connor Maclean, Robert DaSilva
Models: Ivy, Sweden, Danielle

Blush Grove

Follow Me, Home

Follow Me, Home - a Social Media Campaign

Home is not a destination, but an idea which embodies our most vulunerable, raw & true selves. Therefore this idea of home is one which we innately harbour, manifest & grow outwards into any space we occupy.

Follow Me, Home - sought to communicate that Blush Grove’s newest line of Home Decor, parallels the most vulnerable, raw & natural aspects of our being. That the pieces are mere extensions of our idea of home. The line embodies a narrative that the pieces will then reflect  this sense of home, love, & comfort unpologetically back onto the Blush Grove Community.

“Home is not a destination, but an idea we harbour, manifest & grow outwards”

Social Media Content

art direction / brand design

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