Director: Chris Rey Basalo
AD, Design: Mark Suan
Photographer: Jin Lee
Models: Marc Chin, Liah Rahman, Betty Lee

The Ohana Project

Keep the Ohana

A Clothing Collection For Hamilton

Keep The Ohana  - Clothing Collection by The Ohana Project which tackles the negative biases which define the outside perception of Hamilton, ON. A city is nothing without it’s people - so when negative perceptions towards are casted on a city, it reflects unfairly onto the residents.

Keep The Ohana sought to provide a refreshing identity to the city, which inspires a sense of family amongst the city. To see community members not by the biases we hold, but the humanity innate to everyone and connects us all.

Keep The Ohana Capsule Clothing Collection

541  Eatery & Exchange Shirt - Capsule Collection 1
Hamilton Back Alley Shirt - Capsule Collection 1
Fam.ily Ohana Shirt - Capsule Collection 1

art direction / brand design

mark     xander

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