Art Director: Mark Suan
3D CAD: Mark Suan
Graphic Designer: Mark Suan

Senso Minds

Lil’ Foodie Chews

Foodie Inspired Baby Teething Tubes - Found in 30+ Stores

Lil’ Foodie Chews are foodie inspired baby teething tubes meant to reach and soothe pesky teething back molars.

Stimulating textures, bright colors + cute characters  is designed for neurodiverse children seeking teething as well as sensory stimulating relief.

30K in revenue generated & found in 30+ small boutiques.

Design Considerations

Sensory Stimulating Textures

Designed for neurodiverse babies (i.e Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome) who crave oral sensory stimulation - the variety of textures can help override sensory overload and soothe anxieties.

Long enough to reach back molars

Parents & customers alike have long expressed their babies with teething molars would gnaw on their cribs. The tubes length allows babies to reach & soothe pesky back molars, and provides soothing deep molar impact during teething.

Colorful Veggie Design

After consulting with 20+ Occupational Therapists, the bright colors and engaging design were designed to be visually stimulating and help familiarize babies with healthy foods. Teething allows babies to decrease the oral sensory aversions and allow for less meal time battles & decrease picky eating tendencies.

Retail Packaging

Character ideation

The Lil’ Foodie Chew Pal -  Potential Character Mascots for Line Expansion

Teething Tubes in Action

art direction / brand design

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