Art Director: Mark Suan
3D CAD: Mark Suan
Graphic Designer: Mark Suan

Senso Minds

Lil’ Tots Teether Tubes

Baby Teething Tubes for Teething Babies

Lil’ Tot’s Teether Tubes were meant to reach and soothe pesky teething back molars.

Stimulating textures & bright colors is designed for neurodiverse children seeking teething as well as sensory stimulating relief.

60K in revenue generated & found in 30+ small boutiques. Now found in Winners Canada, Marshalls Canada & TJX Canada/USA

Design Considerations

Perfect for Fine Motor Skills

The hollow tube design allows for children to grab, bend and fold, training their fine motor manipulation skills

Sensory Stimulating Textures

The dual sided textures are stimulating to touch and soothing to teethe on for teething babies.

Long enough to reach back molars

With parents mentioning their babies were gnawing on cribs to reach their back molars, our tubes are able to reach all the way back and provide that deep molar impact when chewed on.

Retail Packaging

Teething Tubes in Action

art direction / brand design

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